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Other Products

1.Canned Sweet Corn & Cream Style Corn
2.Frozen Sweet Corn (IQF)

Canned Fruits (Aloe Vera, Mandarin Orange, Pineapple - Slices/ Pieces/ Tidbits/ Chunk/ Diced/ Crushed, Peach, Coconut, Canned or Packed Juices (Pineapple , Tomato , Coconut - Coconut Milk / Coconut Juice, Orange)
Our group also been exporting below products :

Soya Sauce / Chilli Sauce /Tomato Sauce /Fish Sauce/ Concentrated Tomato paste, Canned Tuna

Seafood (Canned Sardine / Canned Salmon / Canned Mackerel / Canned Sterilized crab / Canned pasteurized Shrimp / Canned baby clam / Canned Squid)
Fruits and Vegetables (Canned Rambutam, Canned Longan, Canned Lynches, Canned young corn, Canned Bamboo shoots, Stuffed pineapple)

Food Ingredients and ready-to-eat Food

Spices and seasonings